Kelly Love

No, my last name isn't a prank, its really my last name (married name at least). I am horrible about writing lengthy things about myself so to get straight to the point, here are 11 top things about me.

1.    Training service dogs is my #2 passion, photography is #1.

2.    I am a military veteran having worked as a vehicle mechanic in the US Air Force.

3.    I have a 2-year-old son who is my life.

4.    I have an obsession for tacos as does my best friend. Hence, we are best friends. LOL

5.    I have a lot of tattoos. Is 20+ a lot? Opinions vary.

6.    Humor is my “go to” personality trait. Who doesn’t love a bit of humor?

7.    I prefer arriving early instead of late to avoid feeling rushed.

8.    I completed my college degree while navigating pregnancy, child birth and being a new parent.

9.    I am overly in love with animal kingdom!

10. I don’t like to let people down, ever! I am very hard on myself.

11. Target is LIFE. Yes, the store.

Devin Wilber

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“The team had a plan for my maternity session. I came and they definitely made me feel so powerful and beautiful as the session ended. I thought it would take a couple days to see a sneak peak of the pics, but Kelly messaged me a few later that same day! I definitely recommend this team! They aim to make sure everyone is satisfied!”